THROUGH THE WOODS [Graphic Novel] | Book Review


  • Written & illustrated by the talented Emily Carroll.
  • This graphic novel contains 5 different horror themed short stories.
    (can’t really elaborate on the summary without giving away the twist, so yea…)
  • Though, I could say they are not as scary as to give you nightmares but some of them are quite creepy if you read it under a lamp, alone, at night, with the lights off.
  • My personal favourite would be “HIS FACE ALL RED”.
  • Note that despite the cover, all 5 short stories ironically does not involve the tale of red riding hood. (just want to clear the air before you turn away from this book.)
  • Every page’s gorgeously illustrated and I thoroughly enjoyed the choice of colour scheme very much used in different scenarios throughout the stories to prompt certain emotions. So good!
  • I also take pleasure in the fact that certain scenes illustrated in full page.
  • The entire book was just so well designed and I really appreciate when artists take the smallest details into consideration.
  • Texture of the shell of this book was great as well, very high quality print both inside and out.
  • Overall, it is a graphic novel so it doesn’t take all that long to finish and if you’re looking for some inspiration, this book would be a great option to check out.

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